bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

Commercial Support

  • 1Setting Up Sisimai Your Server
  • 2Support developmenet using Sisimai
  • 3Support via Email
  • 4Support bounce management
  • 5Parsing your bounced emails

bounceHammer 2.7.12

2014/05/21 Released

bounceHammer 2.7.12 Release

bounceHammer 2.7.12 has been released.

To get the files for this release, see Download page. RELEASE_NOTS[English] has a list of all changes between previous version of bounceHammer and 2.7.12.

A Patial List of Changes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Issue #5, warning message: "Use of uninitialized value ..." is displayed when parsing bounce mails by mailboxparser command. Thanks to hiroyuki-sato.
  • Fixed Issue #7, "make test" fails when the value of LANG environment variable is not "C". Thanks to @LIMAddict.
  • Fixed getdsn() method of Kanadzuchi::RFC3463.
  • Fixed tiny bug of is_somethingelse in Kanadzuchi/Mail/
  • Fixed code for rewriting header name in lib/Kanadzuchi/, the name of "Message-Id" header is "Message-ID" in Thunderbird. Thanks to @crazyhacks68k.

Upgrading to bounceHammer 2.7.12

Get the tarball of bounceHammer 2.7.12 release from Download page. If there is any patch for version 2.7.12, download patches and apply before running the progmam: configure, make.

To upgrade to bounceHammer 2.7.12 from the previous version or older, you overwrite the previous version like the following:

# export PERL5LIB=/usr/local/bouncehammer/lib/perl5 <- If you needed
# ./configure <- with the same option of currenlty installed version
# make
# make test && make install