bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

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bounceHammer 2.7.0


bounceHammer 2.7.0 Release

bounceHammer 2.7.0 has been released.

To get the files for this release, see Download page. RELEASE_NOTS[English] has a list of all changes between bounceHammer 2.6.4 and 2.7.0.

A Patial List of Changes

New Functionality

  • UNIX syslog supported. Four commands: mailboxparser, databasectl, logger, tablectl (except --list mode), and WebUI send messages to syslog.
  • A configuration name can be set in each etc/*.cf file.
  • WebUI prints a configuration name on the top of each page.

Assorted Improvements and Code Cleanup

  • Supprot Vodafone /Blackberry's 35 domains: mobileemail.vodafone.* are classified into HostGroup/smartphone and Provider/vodafone .
  • Support Orange /Blackberry's 25 domains:* are classified into HostGroup/smartphone and Provider/orange .
  • Ovi( has moved from Webmail to Smartphone (HostGroup).
  • Support 2 domains of satellite phone: Globalstar and Iridium. They are classified into HostGroup/cellphone.
  • Support cellular phone's domains or smartphone's domains of 87 countries in the world.

Fixed Bugs

  • Minor bug fix for WebUI/Template.
  • Fixed an issue that bin/databasectl fails with -Uv only.
  • Fixed an issue that each command's progress bar fails in verbose mode when the standard-out is other command via pipe line.
  • Fixed an issue that a lock file left when mailboxparser is called with -2(--two-way) option.

Upgrading to bounceHammer 2.7.0

Get the tarball of bounceHammer 2.7.0 release from Download page. If there is any patch for version 2.7.0, download patches and apply before running the progmam: configure, make.

# ./configure <- with the same option of currenlty installed version
# make
# make test && make install

And you should do the following works if you want to use the new features (UNIX syslog and Setting name) of version 2.7.0.

ToDos for New Functionarities

# Setting name
name: 'Default'

# UNIX syslog(3) configuration, Beginning with bounceHammer 2.7.0
# mailboxparser, logger, databasectl, and tablectl use this configuration
  # By default, messages will not be sent syslog(3). If you want to
  # use syslog(3), set 1 to the value of enabled:.
  enabled: 1
  facility: 'local6'

Here is the new settings which are required by new functionalities of bounceHammer 2.7.0. So bounceHammer works properly unless these settings, if you don't want to use syslog and setting names, you don't need to configure these settings.

To use the new feature of this version, you should append these settings into INSTALLED-DIRECTORY/etc/ or merge etc/ with the current configuration file.

Setting Name(name:)

Beginning with Version 2.7.0, you can define a Setting Name in the configuration file. For example, you want to administer email bounces of two sites. When you want to keep parsed data of each site in a separate directory, to store parsed data of each site into a separate database, two configuration files (e.g. and are requied.


Beginning with Version 2.7.0, Results of the following commands and WebUI(Browser based control panel) are written in syslog.

To write results of a command or operations on WebUI, please append above settings into configuration file: etc/ . If you configure enabled: 0 or the settings are omitted, bounceHammer does not use syslog. By default, a syslog facility is local6.


The following setting is defined in INSTALLED-DIRECTORY/etc/syslog.conf-example file. You may configure syslog.conf on your system with referring etc/syslog.conf-example.

local6.* /var/log/bouncehammer.log