bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

Bug 2.7.7-001


Fixed: Issue that src/bin/Makefile uses "/" as a temp directory

Fixed in version 2.7.8
[Bug 2.7.7-001] There is an issue that when you execute the command "make" for building bounceHammer, src/cgi/Makefile uses "/" as a temporary directory. This bug is caused that an undefined macro is used in the Makefile.

If you run the "make" command as a non-root user, the build will be failed with the message "cp: /api.cgi: Permission denied *** Error code 1". To fix the problem, download patch(001_src-cgi-makefile.patch) and apply the patch before ./configure.

If you have already installed bounceHammer, please delete 2 files that may be remained at "/" directory: /api.cgi and /bouncehammer.cgi .