bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

EOL on February 29, 2016

bounceHammer have been downloaded and used by many users and companies since the first release on March 2010 and has been EOL: End Of Life on February 29, 2016. Thanks for using bounceHammer for a long time. We are now providing Sisimai (the successor of bounceHammer, more faster, more higher precision of analysis) as a bounce mail parser library in BSD 2-Clause License.

WebUI/Search Form


Search Form

bounceHammer's WebUI/Search has a search form for refering records of email bounce which are stored in a database.

When you input recipient's email address on the form, the records which include the address are displayed as a results on the page. When you hit the Search button with empty email address in the form, all the records in the database will be displayed.

Specifying Multiple Conditions

Multiple conditions can be specified at the bottom of the input form. It is displayed as "Advanced Search". For example, you can specify the following conditions: bounced within a year, bounced from Gmail, and bounce reason is 'userunknown'.

At command line tools

bin/datadumper command has the same function.