bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

Commercial Support

  • 1Setting Up Sisimai Your Server
  • 2Support developmenet using Sisimai
  • 3Support via Email
  • 4Support bounce management
  • 5Parsing your bounced emails

bounceHammer 2.7.7


bounceHammer 2.7.7 Release

bounceHammer 2.7.7 has been released.

To get the files for this release, see Download page. RELEASE_NOTS[English] has a list of all changes between bounceHammer 2.6.3 and 2.7.7.

A Patial List of Changes

Assorted improvements and code cleanup

  • New command line option for mailboxparser , --safe-failed-mesg is for saving messages which are failed to parse.

Assorted improvements and code cleanup

  • Update for MTA modules(bouncehammer-nails) .
  • Improved analytical accuracy for bounce messages via Exim, qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, and au by KDDI. Thanks to Toyokawa.

Upgrading to bounceHammer 2.7.7

Get the tarball of bounceHammer 2.7.7 release from Download page. If there is any patch for version 2.7.7, download patches and apply before running the progmam: configure, make.

To upgrade to bounceHammer 2.7.7 from the previous version or older, you overwrite the previous version like the following:

# ./configure <- with the same option of currenlty installed version
# make
# make test && make install


There is an issue that when you execute the command "make" for building bounce hammer, src/cgi/Makefile uses "/" as a temporary directory.

See Bug: 2.7.7-001 page to get detailed information and the patch.