bounceHammer has been EOL'ed on February 29, 2016

bounceHammer 2.7.5


bounceHammer 2.7.5 Release

bounceHammer 2.7.5 has been released.

To get the files for this release, see Download page. RELEASE_NOTS[English] has a list of all changes between bounceHammer 2.6.3 and 2.7.5.

A Patial List of Changes

Assorted improvements and code cleanup

  • Support a bounce email from BIGLOBE (****@***, Japanese ISP) and Biglobe-compatible emails (,,
  • Add some webmail domains of (RU::WebMail).
  • Add 81 webmail domains of Shtrudel M@il (US::WebMail).
  • MTA Module list on the WebUI is available.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed csv format bug ( multiple header fields are displayed ) in Kanadzuchi/ .

Upgrading to bounceHammer 2.7.5

Get the tarball of bounceHammer 2.7.5 release from Download page. If there is any patch for version 2.7.5, download patches and apply before running the progmam: configure, make.

To upgrade to bounceHammer 2.7.5 from the previous version or older, you overwrite the previous version like the following:

# ./configure <- with the same option of currenlty installed version
# make
# make test && make install